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Legal Notice- Amadeus PREMIUM Loyalty Programme 

  1. The "Amadeus premium" program, managed by Amadeus Egypt, referred to hereinafter as "Amadeus Premium", is a customer loyalty program whose purpose is to award points Credit to Members of the scheme, such credit being referred to hereinafter as "Points", in accordance with a pre-defined scale and the conditions and restrictions set out below, and dependent on the number of segments created taken by the Member on Amadeus System
  2. Depending on the number of points acquired and accumulated by the Member, Rewards may be allocated in accordance with a pre-defined scale and the conditions and restrictions set out below

Membership of the Amadeus Premium programme 

  1. Amadeus Premium membership is free of charge. The program is open to any Amadeus system user whose normal place of residence is located in Egypt.
  2. Legal entities cannot participate in the program.
  3. Any eligible person wishing to join the Amadeus premium program must complete an individual Amadeus Premium program membership application through the internet. All persons applying for membership of the program are deemed to have read and accepted the present General Terms and Conditions, a copy of which may be obtained on request from Amadeus Egypt.
  4. It is hereby understood that an Amadeus system user wishing to join the Amadeus premium program is liable to obtain the approval of the owner of the travel agency prior to completing Amadeus Premium program membership application and that the submittal of the Amadeus Premium program membership application by said user shall be deemed as a final and irrevocable evidence of obtaining the prior approval required from the travel agency owner.
  5. Only one membership application for each person will be accepted.
  6. Amadeus Egypt reserves the right to refuse membership to any person who does not meet the requirements for participation in the program.
  7. Any person whose membership application has been accepted and validated by Amadeus Egypt shall be assigned an individual account, an individual membership number and a personal code allowing access to Amadeus Premium through Internet. The membership number will be required for any inquiry concerning the account. The member shall be held fully responsible of maintaining confidentiality and non-disclosure to third parties or non-authorized members of his/her individual account, membership number and personal code.
  8. In case of any illegal use or theft of the given account number by any way, Amadeus shall not be legally liable to compensate the member of any damages that may be incurred and said member shall solely incur any damages as a result thereof.
  9. Any change of address, name or other details which may be necessary must be notified in writing as soon as possible to Amadeus Egypt, which shall be entitled to demand any documentary proof it considers necessary. The Member guarantees the correctness of all information given and shall be solely responsible for any erroneous, incomplete or out-of-date information.
  10. Amadeus Premium membership shall take effect from the 1st of Jan 2012.
  11. 11. The Member will receive personal documentation on the Amadeus premium program immediately his or her membership takes effect.

Scope of application and accrual 

  1. The point is the unit of calculation for the Amadeus Premium program and corresponds to the number of segments created in Amadeus System.
  2. A personal account is opened for each Member, to which points acquired are credited. The account, and the points acquired by the Member concerned, cannot under any circumstances be transferred, bequeathed, assigned, sold or combined with, whether or not for valuable consideration, with the account or the points of any other person, whether or not that person is a Member of the program, or with any other account belonging to the Member (except as otherwise laid down in provisions notified to the Member). Use of the Amadeus Premium and assigned accounts are restricted exclusively to the registered members. Points can be converted into cash vouchers.
  3. Registered member shall be liable to duly and promptly inform travel agency owner and/or Amadeus upon deciding not to continue his/her access to Amadeus Premium in order to change or delete said access as soon as possible and shall be fully responsible in case he/she defaults on the obligation of notification.
  4. Points are acquired exclusively when using Amadeus System.Amadeus Egypt reserves the right to debit the account of any Member who has acquired Miles unduly, through creating factitious segments but also reserves the right to award additional points under promotional campaigns of limited duration notified to Members.
  5. Amadeus Egypt shall activate the benefit of the acquired points from Jan 2012, and has the right to deactivate at any time Amadeus PREMIUM Loyalty Program.
  6. The Member's account can be credited only once for each segments created in Amadeus system. Points are credited to the Member's account in accordance with a predetermined scale and subject to the conditions and restrictions set forth hereinafter.
  7. User need to register and agree the terms and conditions of Amadeus Egypt and obtain prior approval of travel agency owner prior to his/her registration.
  8. User MUST achieve his target to claim the gifts
  9. Points acquired shall be cumulated /computed on a monthly basis for purpose of calculating number of segments created in Amadeus System by the User during the said month.
  10. Points will be redeemed every 2 months for those users who have previously requested such redemption during the 2 months period.
  11. Points can be checked and viewed online at any time
  12. Notwithstanding point (11) above, User may not claim gifts for any points and target acquired after the lapse of the year during which the relevant points and target were acquired. User understands that any points acquired and not claimed any gifts for would be redeemed by maximum the first month of the coming year.
  13. The published list of gifts are subject to change
  14. Cancelled segments or factitious segments will be deducted systematically from the total cumulated points each month for every user.
  15. Any member misusing the system by creating factitious segments will be systematically blocked and restricted access to Amadeus Premium